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Japan Cherry Blossom 2008

Japan (English)Posted by anker Thursday, August 07 2008 20:44:01

My travel to Japan in April 2008 went from south (Shikoku) to to the central part as Kamakura and Izu and further north of Tokyo with Nikko and Aizu-Wakamatsu. It gave the possibility to follow the cherry blossoms front and see some festivals.

Here is pictures from the Yayoi festival in Nikko in the Futurasan shinto shrine with a number of portable shrines, that is moved around. Here the parishioners is sitting in front of their shrines. Behind the shrines is food and sake.

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Here is more photos from the Nikko festival and from the temples in Nikko.

This is from the Kamakura festival in Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shinto shrine. A group of persons from a lokal shrine is carrying a mikoshi. In this case is it from Egare Tenjin shrine. I visited that shrine later and saw the mikoshi return to the shrine. You can find pictures also from there.

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Here is photos from the Kamakura festival.

At Matsuyama castle was a doll festival with dolls placed in the cherry trees. It was fine weather and many visitors.

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Here is more photos from Matsuyama castle and the doll festival.

Rain is not a problem if you will see the cherry blossoms. Here from Tsuruga castle in Aizu-Wakamatsu.

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Here is more photos from Tsuruga castle in rain and sun.

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Japan autumn

Japan (English)Posted by anker Sunday, December 16 2007 22:31:36

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Photos from my trip in October 2007 to Tohoku - the northern part of Japan. The first picture is from the Oirase gorge at the Towada lake. At the moment I have only taken a few photos from this walk along the river. You can find them here and also photos from the woods and lakes around Tsuta Onsen.

Autumn pictures from Tohoku

Here is also pictures from Osore-zan a volcanic plateau where the dead souls gather. The temple at this site Entsu-ji have been founded by the priest Ennin.

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I was also around many other places that will come later. At the moment I have showen the photos from Sendai and Matsushima. The last place is famous for the pine-covered islets, that in tradition is one of the 3 most famous views in Japan.

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Link to photos from Sendai and Matsushima

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Bohus fæstning

Sverige (dansk)Posted by anker Tuesday, August 28 2007 17:46:06

Bohus fæstning ligger syd for Kungälv og var grænsefæstning mellem Norge og Sverige fra 1400 tallet. Den har givet navn til landskabet Bohuslän. Fæstningen blev belejlet 14 gange men aldrig indtaget af fjentlige styrker. Bohuslän blev svensk efter freden i Roskilde 1658. Der er ikke langt fra Gøteborg.

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Mere om historien

Her er flere billeder fra fæstningen

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Hikone Castle

Japan (English)Posted by anker Tuesday, August 28 2007 17:34:38

Hikone castle in Shiga prefecture is 50 minuts by train from Kyoto. Here the walls are seen with cherry blossoms in April 2007. There is more than 1000 cherry trees. It is 400 years since the building of the castle started. It is one of finest remaining castles. Much is original. From the castle is a fine view of lake Biwa and the town. Near the castle is the Genkyo-en with a chinese inspired garden and a the house. A fine view to the castle.

Blog Image

More pictures of the castle.

Pictures from Genkyo-en garden with many photographers.

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Awashima shrine

Japan (English)Posted by anker Tuesday, August 21 2007 21:09:32

The Awashima shinto shrine in Kada in Wakayama prefecture is a very interesting place to visit with hundreds of dolls, toys and a great number sculptures, figurines statues and carvings. Blog ImageToday a Shinto ritual at Awashima Shrine takes place on March 3rd not so much for exorcising evil spirits, but for allowing owners of old dolls to offer them to the shrine and let them return to their eternal home by way of the sea. Doll owners tend to be quite attached to their dolls, having had them since childhood.

Look here

Find the location in Google Earth

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Photos from Japan april 2007

Japan (English)Posted by anker Tuesday, July 03 2007 15:48:02
I have been in Japan in April 2007 to look at temples, castles and gardens in Kansei. That is also the time for cherry blossom as can be seen on many of the pictures. Pictures can be found in Nara (a new subdomain) and in Kansei - this first part includes pictures from Akame waterfalls, Hasedera temple and Hikone castle. You will find many pictures from Akame 48 waterfalls (Akame Shiyuhachi) in Nabari town. It is a nature trail in a ravine you should not miss.Blog Image
Look for more pictures

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Reorganisation of web

EnglishPosted by anker Friday, February 02 2007 20:06:42

To make it easier to update the web has some parts been moved to subdomains as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The names for these domains is the country name instead of www, for instance is Denmark Japan has been divided in 8 subdomains named after the 8 regions. Some towns with many pictures has got their own domain as Kyoto, Nagoya and Yamaguchi.

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Reorganisering af web

DanskPosted by anker Friday, February 02 2007 20:01:07
For at holde bedre orden i billeder og gøre det lettere at ændre i billedserier er en del billeder flyttet til egne underområder (subdomainer) f.eks. danske billeder under Dette er sket for Danmark, Norge og Sverige samt en lang række steder i Japan, hvor hver af de 8 regioner har fået hvert sit område. Desuden har nogle byer fået sit område - foreløbigt gælder dette Kyoto, Nagoya og Yamaguchi.
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